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Private yoga sessions are a wonderful way to develop, deepen and improve your practice whether you are new to yoga, are working with an injury or want to practise in a more advanced way. A private session (1-2-1, duet or small group) will be tailored to your specific requirements and needs and you will receive a full consultation prior to our first meeting to establish your goals.  Many people also choose private sessions when work or family commitments prevent them from attending a regular weekly class or because they wish to practise at the time that is most convenient for them. Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to be gained from more individual attention.

All sessions last 1 hour and are offered at The Garden Studio at the prices listed below. if you wish to hold sessions in your own home, please contact me for costs.




Perfect for beginners who want to build confidence, for those working with injuries, and for those wishing to advance their practice to the next level. They are also effective for couples if you want to practice together at a time that suits you. 

1-2-1 sessions: £38 per session / £200 for a block of 6 (£33 per session)

Duet (2-2-1)/Trio (3-2-1) sessions: £35 per session / £180 for a block of 6 (£33 per session)



Perfect for friends or family members if you want to practice together or take a specific class at a suitable time for you. This is an effective option for beginners who want to work at their own pace with their friends, for sports enthusiasts who want to address specific issues to aid performance, for post natal friends wanting to return to exercise and gain head space in their new maternal role, or for a family with older children who want to introduce yoga to their lives. This can also simply be a fun and healthy option for anyone wanting to try a new social activity with your friends.

Small Group Class: £10 per person per session (minimum 4 people)

Bespoke class testimonials

I started my 121 sessions with Juliet after my diagnosis of scoliosis. It is been an amazing experience. Juliet’s approach is fantastic, she has used her expertise in yoga and Pilates to personalise the sessions for me. Her patience is second to none, especially with someone who had no experience in yoga, as well as having terrible balance and co-ordination. Juliet has helped me grow in confidence and I look forward to my sessions. The sessions are so enjoyable - very relaxing, as well as challenging. An hour never feels long enough and not something that I want to stop doing anytime soon.
I am now stronger, able to manage my back pain and seen a great improvement in my posture. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Juliet to anyone!
— Leah
I suffer with the pain of sciatica and osteoarthritis and it was suggested by an orthopaedic surgeon to try yoga. My 2 daughters and I decided we would give it a go. We were very fortunate to find “Yoga with Juliet” . It has been almost a year that we have been doing yoga with Juliet and I cannot explain in enough detail how this has helped me. Juliet is an excellent teacher and she structures the routines especially for my circumstances.
Doing 1-on-1 with Juliet has enabled me to do things at my pace and to be able to stop when I feel uncomfortable. Juliet always makes sure that throughout the routines, I am well supported by extra cushions when needed so as not to put any stress on my back and knees.
Being in constant pain I tend to be stressed out quite a lot and I find Juliet has helped me to deal with this through the gentle stretches and lovely meditation after classes. I love the fact that she is able to pay complete attention to me and my needs which would not be the case if I attended a full class.
I would recommend Yoga with Juliet 100%
— Angela
I signed up for 1-2-1 sessions with Juliet to help with a stiff back, wanting to focusing on moves that would stretch my back but what I actually got was so much more. From learning new moves suitable for my posture to fully understanding common yoga moves and how and what to activate in each move. I didn’t realise how much yoga could strengthen my back and the rest of my body. After the 6 sessions I felt so much stronger and have enjoyed attending the group yoga classes so much more now due to my deeper understanding of yoga and how to practice. I highly recommended anyone to have private lessons with Juliet, she is an amazing teacher
— Rachel
I found Juliet doing a local google search and love my 1-2-1 private sessions with her. Juliet’s approach is warm and very thorough with each of my sessions tailored around my body’s needs. This has helped improve my home practice which is more consistent and enjoyable, along with an overall real sense of well-being.
— Karen
Juliet’s 1-2-1 classes were incredibly helpful in dramatically improving my basic poses, and a fantastic environment for asking questions for more individual needs. As in group class, Juliet is patient and mindful of your ability while still pushing you towards your goals. I would highly recommend the 1-2-1 for anyone first getting into yoga, dealing with injuries or looking to improve. Thanks so much Juliet!
— Maja